NIGHTMARE CINEMA getting a theatrical release.

NIGHTMARE CINEMA anthology getting a release.
The film is comprised of five shorts and a wrap-around storyline from directors Mick Garris, Joe Dante, David Slade, Ryuhei Kitamura and Alejandro Brugues in which five unlucky individuals are trapped and tortured by a mysterious projectionist as he plays each of their greatest fears on the theater’s silver screen.
Mickey Rourke stars as the ghost-like projectionist who serves as the common link for each of the five 20-minute shorts.

TRIUMPH screening at DocuFest ’18 in Prizren, Kosova.

TRIUMPH, a history of political tensions, war, and sport is explored as we follow the journey of the Albanian national team on their first appearance in a major soccer tournament.

DOWNRANGE released!

For six college students carpooling cross-country, a seemingly mundane blow-out is the beginning of a grueling fight for survival. They’re in the midst of changing the flat when they discover a spent slug and realize this was no accident…

 Helpless…  Alone…  Praying for another car to come.

Starring: Alexa Yeames, Anthony Kirlew, Jason Tobias, Kelly Connaire, Rod Hernandez-Farella, Stephanie Pearson.

The soundtrack album can be purchased here!

New Track: UPRANGE

UPRANGE was written as a bonus track for the movie DOWNRANGE.  It features virtuoso guitarist Toshinari Yanagi and Ryuhei Kitamura’s voice…  and some Moogs and Prophets.

  1. UPRANGE Music by Aldo Shllaku 4:59


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