DREAD CENTRAL – Interview:  

Aldo Shllaku on Composing Ryuhei Kitamura’s DOWNRANGE.



Midnight Madness king Ryuhei Kitamura illustrates the hidden dangers of changing a flat tire in a bloody one-note horror film.

The film sports a low-budget indie look, which is entirely appropriate to its subject, without looking ugly. The editing by Shohei Kitajima is very precise and music from Aldo Shllaku adds to the unreal atmosphere.



The most independent production of Kitamura’s career since Versus, there is a refreshing minimalism applied to DOWNRANGE’s execution. It eschews convoluted plotting and exposition, instead exploiting the simple thrills of gooey gore gags and outrageous car stunts, all the while establishing its deadeye antagonist through concise glimpses that build to an iconic confrontation sublimely accented by a theremin-tinged score.